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Home Lights System

Applicable for –

  • Guard Room
  • Small Houses
  • Rural Area
  • Parks & Gardens
  • Verandahs & Balcony
  • Parking- Lots & any non-electrified areas.
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Go Green with Energy Saving Features

Saves Energy, Reduce maintanence, Reduce Local Air Polution

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Simoco SOLAR Home System are the perfect compact solution for an independent power supply in remote locations where electricity is unavailable, unreliable or expensive. All systems are professionally designed for standard requirement like Lighting, Fans, and Entertainment equipment. Simoco SOLAR Home Systems use standardized system components that are characterized by very high reliability, minimum maintains and maximum service life.

Salient Features are:

  • Zero Maintenance
  • Economical
  • Power Saver
  • Long Backup
  • Non-Polluting
  • Easy to Use & Versatile
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